London Property Search

A London member had been looking for a property in Notting Hill for over 6 months and was having trouble finding their dream home. Their requirements were detailed, and the location they wanted to buy was in a small catchment. Other estate agents were unable to find properties that suited the buyer's needs.

Challenge: We undertook the full search and inspected over 60 properties for our client within a month. We conducted property tours with them, providing detailed reports containing advice on values, location, capital growth and property design. We needed to ensure the clients time was not wasted, and we opened doors to properties that were not on the open market.

Outcome: We are pleased to say we found them an off-market property that met all of their requirements, and negotiated a deal for our client 10% below asking price.
Quintessentially Estates 2017
International Enquiry for NYC Investment

A member residing in The Middle East contacted Quintessentially Estates seeking a prime new development investment opportunity in New York City.

Challenge: We connected the member with our affiliated luxury agent in New York City. They were able to swiftly discuss the property needs of the client and schedule two days of curated showings during the client's short visit to New York.

Outcome: The client fell in love with one of the properties on the showing, and immediately signed the contract. He was so pleased by the market value appreciation and the quality of the apartment that he decided to use it for his own primary apartment in New York City, instead of an investment rental property.

Quintessentially Estates, 2017.
Interior Design Request

Quintessentially Estates undertook a new Property Management instruction of a three-bedroom penthouse in Mayfair. The client wanted the full set-up of the utility bills and the whole flat to be interior designed.

Challenge: The client's previous contractor only partially completed the job, and his work did not satisfy the client. We were instructed to complete all the necessary works, and to provide a highly recommended interior designer. We obtained three separate quotes for the client, introducing the suppliers to the client at their property.

Outcome: The client was satisfied and chose their preferred supplier. We oversaw the entire process, where we not only fixed the previous contractor's poor workmanship, but also finished the job, completely stress-free for the client. The client is now residing in the property, which we are fully managing.

Quintessentially Estates, 2017.
The Perfect Managed Sale

A Quintessentially member wanted to sell his garden flat in Notting Hill and did not want to deal with estate agents directly.

Challenge: He wanted us to act as an intermediary to deal with the process of selling the home for him. We visited his property with four different estate agents, all of which had a good track record in the area.

Outcome: Due to our knowledge and experience within the area, we were able to select the best agent for the property, saving our client time and hassle. We motivated the agent continuously throughout the process, providing a quick and successful transaction.

Quintessentially Estates 2017
Rental Search

A Quintessentially Member had been spending 10-15 days per month in London on business for the last year. He had been staying in serviced apartments in Chelsea at an average cost between £400 and £700 per night. Upon speaking with him, we discovered that we could get him much better rates in the serviced apartments he was staying in. Additionally, as his trips to London were becoming more frequent, he would be better off securing a one-bedroom apartment in the area.

Challenge: The client wanted to begin looking at apartments on his next trip to London, which was only a few weeks away. We engaged in a full rental search and began shortlisting the best options in the area for him. We previewed six properties with the client in two one-hour appointment slots.

Outcome: The member chose his favourite, and we were able to secure it for £700 per month less than his initial budget and over £2000 per month less than he was currently spending on accommodation. He has now signed up for our home management service to ensure that his apartment is always ready for his arrival.

Quintessentially Estates 2017
Letting Your Home Through Quintessentially Estates

A client contacted us about renting their family home in East London.

Challenge: They have other buy-to-let investments in the area, but were nervous about using any of their current agents for their family home as they were never satisfied with the attention to detail shown on the referencing and property management sides of their service.

Outcome: After sitting down and educating the client on how Quintessentially Estates Home and Property Management services differ from a local estate agent's approach, they were convinced that using Quintessentially Estates would be a more comfortable option for them. The family has now engaged us to let their property this summer and manage their property for them while they are away.
Quintessentially Estates 2017.

Home Management Success Story

We had a retained Home Management client who was relocating from Zurich to London. The client found out that he needed to be moved within the next five days. All of his furniture, clothing and belongings had to be shipped and set up in his new property in South Kensington. He also wanted his property to feel like a home from day one.

Challenge: We had very strict time constraints, and immediately instructed a highly recommended removal company who is a Quintessentially Estates credited supplier to begin. The survey had taken place at the London property, and work started the following day. All of the client's items were delivered and installed by the fourth day. We filled the fridge and kitchen cupboards with the client's requested produce, and provided fresh flowers upon his arrival.

Outcome: The client received the highest standard of service, and also saved over 20% on the entire move. The whole process was overseen by a Quintessentially Estates Property Manager, and the client was completely satisfied with the entire job.

Quintessentially Estates 2017
New Developments Success Story

A Quintessentially Jade Member from Guangzhou reached out to Quintessentially Estates for property advice on UK investments.

Challenge: The client had not been to the UK and was unable to travel because she was pregnant. She needed support and local expertise to guide her on what to buy and what not to buy. We navigated her through the entire purchase process.

Outcome: With her budget of approximately £1.4M, we were able to secure her a central London property, exclusive to Quintessentially Estates, as well as a secondary investment in Manchester at a 7% yield. The member has also been referred by Quintessentially Estates to HSBC for mortgage services.

Quintessentially Estates 2017
Speed of Service

A Quintessentially Jade Member contacted us with interest in buying a property in London ahead of an upcoming holiday.

Challenge: We received this request just a few days before her flight to London, so we were faced with strict time constraints. Through speedy coordination between the Quintessentially Estates Hong Kong and London offices, we were able to arrange viewings at a number of new-build projects across London for her to visit in person.

Outcome: The member was highly impressed with the service we provided, commenting that all of her messages were responded to typically within an hour. Immediately after her visit and meetings with our consultants, the member felt more knowledgeable and confident to make a decision. We were able to advise her towards an off-market prime London residential unit which required intense negotiations as another offer was received simultaneously. We won the negotiation and concluded the deal just past midnight, only 6 days after she had returned to Hong Kong.
Quintessentially Estates 2017
Above Asking Price

We had a client purchase a two-bedroom apartment on Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington through us and immediately instruct us to ensure it was let as quickly as possible after completion.

Challenge: We needed to swiftly prepare marketing material and start advertising the property for lettings, ensuring we minimised the landlord’s chance of a void period. We were able to quickly advertise the property early and arrange multiple viewings for the day after completion.

Outcome: Two offers were received from potential tenants. We secured the property at a figure over the asking price and were able to have the tenants moved in within a week of the offer being received.
Quintessentially Estates 2017
Portugal Property Search

A UK based client requested a holiday home in Portugal for €2.5M.

Challenge: We researched the market and worked tirelessly to source suitable properties. We used our extensive connections within the industry to access opportunities ahead of the competition. We found properties from a variety of sources, many of them being off-market. We conducted thorough due-diligence on each property, pricing, location and vendor to assist the client in making an informed buying decision.

Outcome: Once we identified a property for the client, we negotiated the deal to ensure that they got it under the best possible terms. We successfully acquired a villa in Quinta do Lago at 12% below asking price. We even went the extra mile for the client as we stored some of their personal goods at our office until the purchase went through. Our management team has also arranged quotations for building works, landscaping and garden remodelling that the client wished to carry out.

Quintessentially Estates 2016.
Managed Let

A Hong Kong based client had just acquired a property in Croydon and asked us to assist with the letting of the property.

Challenge: Croydon was an area that is actually outside our core market; however, to ensure the client received a high level of service, we agreed to manage the let for him and to oversee the agents in Croydon.

Outcome: Once the property was let, we managed the unit for the Landlord and dealt with any issues within the property, including all utilities. The landlord is happily satisfied knowing Quintessentially Estates will effectively take care of any problem that may arise.

Quintessentially Estates, 2016.
Successful Search

“We couldn't have found the apartment nor won the best bids without Penny's help. I'm certain she gave us the edge in the process. My only regret is not coming to see her earlier.”

Brief: Our client was looking to purchase a flat for his daughters, and had been struggling for six months to find a property that met their requirements. He wanted a two-bedroom in Kensington or Notting Hill in a safe community with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. It had to be a secure property close to a tube stop, with a budget of £2.5M.

Challenge: This search required a considered approach and adequate preparation in order to satisfy the brief. We conducted a market survey, previewed a huge number of contenders and compiled reports for each property we thought would be suitable. We presented a shortlist to the client and arranged 6 viewings for the client's one-day visit to London.

Outcome: The client was drawn to a three-bedroom apartment on the first floor of a mansion block just off Kensington High Street. Testament to the attractiveness of this apartment, it was required for our client to submit the best bid in order to secure the property. Our preparation of banks, surveyors and solicitors gave us the advantage in the best bids process. The client secured the property and exchanged within 4 days.

Quintessentially Estates, 2016
Search & Acquisition

Our client was looking for a flat in central London, primarily for investment. They wanted a two-bedroom, modern, furnished flat with a lift and a balcony.

Challenge: The client was a very busy business owner and stated that he could not spare any time out of the office to view properties. We took our client's brief, previewed countless properties, and shortlisted the most suitable flats. A report was written to our client providing price analyses, rental yields and potential forecasted capital growth. The client met with our consultants based in Hong Kong to review the shortlisted properties.

Outcome: He was extremely happy with a couple of great options and flew to London on a Friday night, viewed the properties on Saturday, and left Sunday. He was back at his desk on Monday Morning. The client purchased a flat, and we were able to secure it at 9% below the asking price with successful negotiations.

Quintessentially Estates, 2017

International Search

A client from Nigeria required assistance with the purchase of a holiday home in Rio de Janeiro. He was looking for a 2-bedroom property on the beach with excellent security, and he did not have a budget.

Challenge: The client was aware of the recent property boom Brazil but needed assistance navigating the foreign market. He was unable to set a date to visit Brazil and over a period of 12-18 months we were required to provide multiple options as an overview of the opportunities and properties that could be achieved.

Outcome: Our international search specialists utilised their relationships with agents in Rio to source a selection of off-market and on-market opportunities. Market conditions meant we were required to be vigilant of over pricing and protecting our clients interests at all times. A last minute call from our client meant we were advised of his arrival for viewings in Rio with less than 24 hours notice. We secured 10 viewings over two days. Our client decided to purchase a 3 bedroom penthouse with views over Ipanema Beach for £11M. To aid the transfer of money into Brazil, we advised our client on company creation and also tax efficiency with the help of our network of private banks.

Quintessentially Estates, 2016
Rental Property Search

An American/Indian couple were relocating to London from New York and were looking for a home. They were new to London and not set on a desired location, but they wanted to be close to shops, in a secure neighbourhood with a good gym nearby. It had to be 3-4 bedrooms, above 2500 square feet and around £2500 per week.

Challenge: Since the client was so new to the area, we were required to introduce them to the main and most sought-after locations in London. The client was shown Highbury and Islington, Notting Hill/Holland Park, Pimlico and Westminster. As we explored London, it became clear that our client required more space than previously attained but also wanted great value for the rental.

Outcome: We were able to find the client a 4 bedroom property close to Pimlico Village. To secure an excellent price we negotiated an upfront payment of rent. The clients were so happy with our services that they have decided to purchase their next home with us.

Quintessentially Estates, 2016
Investment Opportunities

An individual from Russia who has been living in Notting Hill for over 20 years came to us seeking advice and assistance purchasing an investment property that would be a nest-egg for her children. She wanted a property that was easy to manage, on the central line, a new build or recent refurbishment with substantial capital growth over the next 5 years for under £500,000.

Challenge: Despite her knowledge of London, the client required insight into the best areas to invest, potential capital gains and yields, and guidance through the whole process. This search required consideration of a number of factors. We began by educating the client on areas with the most prospects for growth, particularly on the new Crossrail train line because these areas are seeing appreciation in home values. We focused on the Acton/Ealing area of West London. We previewed a number of properties in the area and calculated the investment return on each option. After discounting problematic properties, we put forward a selection and organised a client tour.

Outcome: On the same day we had secured the desired investment property for our client. Our detailed knowledge of the investment potential and prices saved our client extensive amounts of time. We exchanged and completed in 4 weeks and the client used our Rental Management Service to ensure a tenant was found for the property prior to the completion. Our Quintessentially Home team now manages the property on behalf of the client, carrying out visits and monitoring any maintenance needs.

Quintessentially Estates, 2016
Serviced Apartments

A Middle Eastern family were arriving in London for 5 weeks in June. This trip was not their first to London so they were certain of the desired location to be in close proximity to Harrods and the Brompton Road. It had to be 3 bedrooms, fully serviced with lots of storage and parking for 3 cars. Their budget was up to £15,000 per week.

Challenge: With a specific desired location and strict parking needs, we had to locate an adequate property and subsequently find space to park nearby.

Outcome: We were able to offer coveted parking just around the corner of the serviced mews house which is almost opposite Harrods. With it being a mews house, there is plenty of space for the entire family's belongings. The family commented that they are extremely pleased with the house, the ease of parking, and the services they received from Quintessentially Estates.

Quintessentially Estates, 2016
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