Mayfair Case Study


2018 has already seen a great success for Mayfair and our team at Quintessentially Estates, with a buyer exchanging on a secure, £11million flat, within a residential development in Mayfair. The off-plan development will comprise of 26 small units of which the team here have bought 2, to amalgamate and create 1 residential super-unit. Director, Simon Garcia worked with the buyer one ...

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10 Reasons to Buy in Mexico


Mexico has been making steady economic growth in the recent years. With a steady growth in the income of the families, the Mexican real estate industry has seen a definite boost. There is a lot of interest in the different regions of the country. Tulum, located about 75 miles to the south of Cancun is one such region. Real estate investing ...

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Monaco Property Report


MONACO PROPERTY MARKET SUMMARY FOR YEAR END 2017 (IMSEE GOVERNMENT DATA 2018)The government recently released an interesting set of Property data for year end 2017.Sales of New Build ApartmentsTotal number of new build sales increased by 34% although the average price per purchase was significantly lower than in 2016.Studios and 1 bed flats made up for 84% of total new build apartment sales volume.86% ...

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The Rise of Mayfair


Mayfair and Knightsbridge have always been and still are, the most opulent areas in London, drawing in the UHNWI’s from around the world to spend their money on luxurious items from £10,000 handbags to £20 million properties. The last decade has seen Mayfair being left behind in terms of property, with Knightsbridge flourishing offering turn-key developments often attached to hotels, with 24...

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Pine Hills Residence's Exclusive Offer


This offer is exclusive to and only available through Quintessentially Estates. This offer is available from 01st February – 30th April 2018. Any purchases of Pine Hills Residence’s past this date will not be applicable for a Harrods gift card. Harrods gift card structure below:1 bed sale = £10,000 2 bed sale = £15,000 3 bed sale = £20,000  Harrods gift cards can be spent in the ...

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Mongolia Emerges As An Exciting New Market For HK Investors


Despite continued interest from Chinese buyers in more traditional global property markets such as London, Manchester, Vancouver, and Bangkok, an increasing number of adventurous investors have taken to exploring new destinations with Mongolia emerging at the forefront of this trend. Although the number of transactions in the more typical locations has noticeably increased over 2017, this has likewise been accompanied by ...

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