Quintessentially Estates offers an efficient, cost effective and highly beneficial service to help our clients secure residential property in the fast moving and daunting London property market.

Our extensive knowledge of London, its history and the marketplace ensures that we eliminate unwanted surprises for the future prospects of your property. We specialise in residential property search and acquisition, we take the time to fully understand and fulfil your property aspirations sourcing properties from our extensive network of agents, vendors and contacts. Providing our clients with a tailored choice of properties, including those that never hit the open market.

I came to London with a low expectation of finding the property I desired, with a price that suited me, in the short time frame that I had. To my amazement Quintessentially Estates found my ideal property! I wouldn’t have been able to find myself as it wasn’t available on the open market.” – Private Client of Quintessentially Estates.

Buying a Property

We are discreet, professional and our service is completely independent enabling us to be fully objective on each property. As our client you are represented by us throughout the entire process, assisting with all negotiations, recommendations for legal assistance, surveyors and tax professionals. We remain fully involved throughout the process of exchange of contracts and completion of your purchase.

We work for you until we find the property you are looking for:

  • We research the market and work diligently to source suitable properties. The London property market is very competitive and use our extensive connections within the industry to access suitable opportunities. Early access is a necessity and we are able to provide that;

  • We preview all the most suitable properties and report a shortlist of the best options for you to review;

  • Once we have identified a property you want to purchase we then negotiate the deal to ensure that you acquire the property on the very best possible terms; estate agents work for the seller, their aim is to obtain the highest price for the seller.

  • We also work closely with your solicitor, banker and surveyor to ensure the legal process is efficient and a successful exchange and completion occurs;

  • Should you require any work being carried out on your property, through our Home & Property Management at Quintessentially Estates, we can ensure the highest level of client care is continued and all your requirements have been satisfied;

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Rental Property Search

London requires a diligent and efficient approach to the competitive and fast moving rental property market.

We provide a rental search service to our clients, guiding you through the entire rental property search process to reassure you that you have had the opportunity to view the most suitable properties from all the relevant real estate agents, whether you are re-locating to London, or in between selling and buying and looking for an short-term solution.

We conduct all the complex aspects of a rental property search and using a wealth of experience can help you decide on the perfect rental for either yourself or your family. We offer an extensive after-care service to assist with house moves, home set-up, cleaning and more in partnership with our Quintessentially Home & Property Management team. We act independently and with our client's best interest throughout.

We represent you at all times and only introduce you to relevant properties. We deal with all the price negotiations and secure final completion on your behalf.

International Property Search

Searching for a residential property outside of your home country requires a lot of organisation and knowledge of tax and legal systems. Our international property search service confidently helps you find and secure the most suitable property, in the most favoured locations, at the best available price. We are undeniably the most respected property search and acquisition specialists out there with offices across the globe in London, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Portugal, Monaco and Switzerland.

Our Managed Sales service is specifically designed to take the uncertainty and stress out of selling your home.

Your home is often your most prized asset and entrusting it's sale to agents who simply give the highest valuation isn't the best approach.
At Quintessentially Estates we manage the entire process from organising initial valuations from the most appropriate agents, to the appointment and management of the agent chosen to represent your property. We insist your agent provides regular feedback on progress, along with suggestions if things aren't moving as quickly as you'd like. We will even attend all viewings to ensure the whole process is working efficiently.

The key to a successful sale is simple, appointing the right agent and setting the right asking price. Our Managed Sales service ensures these fundamental factors are not only achieved but that the agent's fees are negotiated to a satisfactory level and you are protected at all times.

Through a network of over 64 offices in the UK, Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, Quintessentially Estates offers an extensive sales and marketing service across residential and commercial markets.

Our reach is unparalleled and we are able to target specific regions to maximise a development or an individual properties’ exposure. Through our extensive network of HNWIs we are able to generate quality leads.

Quintessentially Estates is committed to delivering results. Our clients come to us because of our reputation; they remain loyal for the personal service unrivaled by any other company.

Quintessentially Estates clients receive a tailored service specific to the promotional requirements and sales support needed. After consultation on current efforts, target markets, historical successes and partnership lengths, a campaign reaching the exact demographic of buyers is achieved.

A campaign from Quintessentially Estates encompasses a multitude of channels and is flexible for discreet or extensive campaigns.

Promotion channels:
• Online marketing
• Direct mail
• Social Media
• Events and Sales trips
• Property experiences

Tenant Fees

  • Payment of Intent – 2 weeks rent payable on your offer being accepted by the landlord 
  • Security Deposit – 6 weeks rent
  • First Month Rent- 1 months rent in advance (less the holding fee) 
  • Check-In fee – £POA (this is dependent on the property, please enquire for details)
Please be aware with card payments there will be a 3.5 % additional fee.
Fees may vary due to the property or tenancy.


We will need to obtain references from all tenants moving in to the property. These references will be presented to the landlord for their final decision to accept the tenancy.
Please be aware we cannot request a bank reference on your behalf due to data protection. If a bank reference is required it will be your responsibility to obtain this from your bank and incur any costs for this.


We will require photographic ID, usually in the form of a passport. This must be current and valid. 

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Money Laundering Regulations 2007 dictated that we will need suitable identification from all occupants. We will not be able to proceed with a tenancy without such documentation. You will be asked to attend our office with your passport and any supporting visas for copies to be taken. 

Change of Tenant/Sharer

Any changes to the tenancy once signed requires written consent from the landlord. If there is a change of tenant/sharer once we have consent we will draw up a new tenancy agreement and will require all occupants to sign the new agreement. 

Rental Payments

Please ensure the first installment of rent is paid pre-tenancy to ourselves at Quintessentially Estates Limited. From there on a standing order must be arranged by you for your rent money to leave your account three days before the rental due date. This is your responsibility.


The deposit is equivalent to six weeks agreed rent. This amount is required in full at the point of signing the tenancy agreement.
Quintessentially Estates Limited holds the money in a ring fenced account and will be registered with the tenancy deposit services (TDS). When we register a deposit a certificate will be issued and we will submit this confirmation to both yourself and the landlord.
Inventory Check In and Check Out

It is common for a landlord to be responsible for the cost of the inventory and check in. As a tenant you are responsible for the check out.  It is important for you to be available for both the check-in and the check-out. We will instruct an independent inventory company to carry this out. The costs will vary, dependent on the property.


During the term of the tenancy the payment of utilities will be your responsibility. We can assist you in who the relevant companies are, but you must contact them and ensure all the bills are in your name and are paid on time. For more information on which bills you will be responsible for, please do contact us.

Tenancy Renewal

Please ensure you inform us in advance if you are intending on renewing your tenancy. We will need to gain confirmation from the landlord and if agreed we will charge £180 + VAT administration fee for process all the paperwork.


We advise all tenants that anything that is a personal belonging must be sufficiently insured by yourself. You are also advised to take proper precautions to safe guard not only the property but anything within the property including your personal belongings. For any guidance on this please do contact us.

Property Management

We will not always manage a property ourselves, but we will provide full details of who is and your point of contact.
If we manage the property, we will always obtain a landlord's consent before carrying out any work. We will also contact you with regards to accessing the property as we will be required to coordinate the work and will also need to carry out inspections during the tenancy.
It is your responsibility as the occupant of the property, to allow access for work, or inspections.


At Quintessentially Estates Limited we reserve the right to change our terms and fees.


VAT is charged by Quintessentially Estates Limited at the current rate of VAT.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme. For more information on codes of practice and and for the consumers guide please go to https://www.tpos.co.uk/consumers/documents-links.
Why use Quintessentially Estates?

Our network is not only within London, we have a coverage of over 64 dedicated offices globally from the UK, to Europe, the Americas, APAC region and the Middle East.

We specialise in prime central London locations, carving out a niche in highly sought-after areas. 

We are experts at long and short-term rentals, as well as buy-to-let investments and portfolios.

Our team operates on a consultative basis using knowledge and research to advise and guide our clients.

We have the experience and aptitude to advise experienced investors through to the first-time landlords. Our service is comprehensive covering every aspect of the rental process.

We also offer the following services to assist in your rental:

* Property and Home management (property maintenance, refurbishment etc) 
* Long and short-term rentals
* Renewals
* Rent collection
* Other bespoke services tailored to your needs

One of our property specialists can conduct a comprehensive valuation of your property.

We are great believers of researching market trends, assessing forecasts for the coming months and year ahead as well as gaining an understanding of a location and its own trends.

We have combined traditional and current marketing techniques to ensure a property is viewed by the right audience.

Our main audience is the incredible network within the Quintessentially Group where we can reach corporate accounts and high net worth individuals, all looking for that extra special place to stay in the heart of London.

To find out how we can assist you in finding the best tenant at the best price, please contact us today.


Rent Collection (RC)
10% plus VAT (full fee payable in advance; monies taken from first month’s rent).

Full Management (FM)
16% plus VAT (made up of 10% RC and 6% FM; full RC fee payable in advance taken from the first month’s rent; FM fee payable monthly or in line with the rent payment installments).

Short Term Lets
26% plus VAT (made up of 20% RC and 6% FM; full fee payable in advance taken from the rent).

Value Added Tax (VAT)
This is currently charged at 20%. If the rent is £1,000pw and you opt for a RC service the fee payable including VAT is £6,240.00. If the rent is £1,000pw and you opt for a FM service the total fee payable including VAT is £9,984.00.

It is advisable to have the property professionally cleaned at the start of a tenancy. This puts a contractual obligation on the tenant to have the property cleaned to a professional standard upon vacation. The cost of this varies depending on size of property and ultimately which company you decide to instruct. If you would like a recommendation on a local and reliable professional cleaning firm then please ask us.

Check-In & Inventory
The cost of the check-in and inventory is borne by the landlord. This is balanced out by the cost of the check-out being covered by the tenant at the end of the tenancy. Similar to the cleaning of the property, the cost for the check-in and inventory will depend on the size of the property. The prices can vary depending on this as well as your chosen inventory clerk. If you would like to be recommended a local and reliable inventory clerk then please ask us.

Tenancy Administration
£300.00 (incl. VAT) to be paid at the start of the tenancy. This service includes negotiating the offer made by any prospective tenant, administrating any office documentation and the drafting and executing of the relavent AST Agreement or NHA Agreement to secure the tenancy.

International Landlords Tax
If you reside abroad for more than 6 months out of the year and you do not have a CRN/NRL1/FIICO number given by HMRC then we are legally obligated to retain 20% of the rent or tax purposes. Further information on this can be provided upon request.

Tenancy Deposit Registration
A cost of £72 (incl. VAT) is payable at the start of the tenancy for registering the deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme – A legal obligation for all landlords.

If a tenancy have been agreed and the process has started and you subsequently decide to withdraw from the agreement then 50% of our total commission will be payable up to the guaranteed portion of the tenancy (i.e. if the tenancy was agreed for 1yr with a 6 month break clause then the guaranteed portion is 6 months). The fee will become payable within 7 days of your instruction to withdraw.

We are members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme. For more information on codes of practice and and for the consumers guide please go to https://www.tpos.co.uk/consumers/documents-links.
London is still a magnet for investors from all over the world and within the UK.

From our expertise and knowledge within search and acquisition we are able to assist in a first time buy-to-let through to someone looking to expand their portfolio. 

Our search and acquisition team work closely with our rentals team to assist in the process of finding the right property to meet your requirements through to advising on rental yields and market conditions.

We base a lot of what we do on research and analysis of the market.


Typically a larger deposit is often required when gaining a buy-to-let mortgage compared to a residential one. We have developed great relationships with brokers and can direct you to the people 'in the know' when it comes to financing your purchase.
Property Management

We offer a bespoke property management service and experience with UK based and international landlords and investors.

Our Property Management team operate with a very hands on, personalised service. with one point of contact and all the advise and guidance you require.

No job is too big or small for us.

A number of our clients choose a stand alone property management service and often couple that with our unique Home & Property Management service.


We can advise and manage the properties for clients who hold small to larger sized portfolios. Our aim is to help you get the best return from your properties and also ensure they are properly managed and looked after.
Moving into a bustling city such as London demands flexibility. With so many people entering the city every day short term rentals adds another great option to our bespoke rentals service.

A short term rental is a property which can be let from just a few weeks, up to six months.

For anything less than 3 months we provide access to some of the best serviced apartments in London.

For 3 to 6 months rentals we offer homes that are fully furnished to a high standard with all bills included within the rent (excluding telephone and internet use).


A short term rental can help you avoid any void periods within your property. It can help if you are away on business, holiday, or on the market to sell. It offers an income during this period and added security that your property is not vacant. 


There are a number of reasons tenants prefer a short term rental.

Quintessentially Estates has a huge global network and an even bigger client pool. Therefore the majority of our tenants come from corporate companies and are relocating to London, preferring a home to a hotel.

Many buyers or long term renters do not wish to commit to an area until they are ready. A short term rental would be perfect for this.

Buyers waiting for completion on a property may need a stop gap to bridge their moving dates. Something that is a short term commitment and is flexible is ideal. If your property is having a few months’ worth of work done staying somewhere that is a home from home tends to suit better.

Therefore, within prime central London, we can offer a bespoke and tailored short-term rental to meet your requirements with either the serviced apartment option or a 3–6 month short term rental.

For any help on deciding what would work best for you, please do contact us.

Our Home & Property Management service offers a hands-on bespoke approach that will attend to your needs and requirements. We appreciate that most people live a very busy lifestyle and sometimes do not have the time to organise even the small things in life such as grocery shopping or dry cleaning. Our team are here to help.

We have developed great relationships with trusted suppliers and can confidently organise any maintenance requirements for either your own home or a tenanted property through our Property Management service. We will source the right people for the job at hand no matter how big or small.

Our dedicated and conscientious team understand how important your home is whether it is a permanent family residence or a temporary city apartment. 

“I thought setting up our home in London would be a nightmare, but Quintessentially Estates arranged everything; the removal, setting up of my bills, and advised on things like council tax which we had no clue about. They even gave us champagne to toast our arrival.”
Quintessentially Home & Property Management provide:
  • removal services
  • utilities set-up
  • cleaners 
  • reactive maintenance 
  • security services 
  • everyday errand running 
  • ad hoc tasks upon request
We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional bespoke service.

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